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The 'End of the World' Is Today... And Yet We're Still Here

The ‘End of the World’ Is Today… And Yet We’re Still Here

Today is the day. It’s the beginning of the end, according to practiced doomsday diviner David Meade. On April 23, 2018, Meade says, the sun, the moon and Jupiter will line up in the constellation Virgo (they will not in actuality be in that constellation), an alignment that has biblical disaster written all over it. […]

How To Be A Vegan, And Not Be An Asshole

How To Be A Vegan, And Not Be An Asshole

I got to experience a special moment of male machismo jerkism (localism) today in the water where a local was a raging asshole to the sweetest man. It gave me some great clarity on my current war against vegans that was never against vegans (I’ve received over 2000 messages and comments about my reply post […]